Stepping Into The Mystery

So you want to know more details of what happens on the NWTA …

Here is what we hold in confidence:

  • Each man’s individual process and personal information – this is Confidentiality – it is the heart of a trusting relationship. We will never give this up. Men are free to share about their own experiences.
  • The specific details of some of our activities, our intellectual property. These are our ‘trade secrets’ (our secret recipe, our Google algorithm), the heart of what makes our training unique and powerful. We are happy to share in a general way, and even answer specific questions, but we won't hand you the book.

Trust is a choiceWhen I was considering attending the NWTA, and even after I signed up for it, I tried very hard to find out what would happen, in as much detail as I could. There was as much crazy misinformation as real information on the internet back then, and I asked the man who invited me probably a hundred questions. He didn’t tell me much other than that I could pass if I didn’t want to do something. Looking back now I realize that it was my need to be – no, to seem – in control at all times that was driving this urge. I didn’t want to feel afraid, and especially not to have my fear or discomfort to be visible to others.

I finally decided to just trust myself, and to realize that I would be okay no matter what happened. I trusted the man who had invited me, and the men who I’d met at the open circle, and I knew that they all had something that I wanted, some rock-solid sense of self and what it was to be a man.

It was exhilarating – the most important 48 hours of my life, and I don’t regret a single minute of it.

We realize it’s not hard to find some harrowing [and inaccurate] descriptions of our training on the internet. We want to provide enough information about the NWTA that you have a sense of what you’re getting into, while still maintaining a sense of mystery and adventure. We believe your experience will be most powerful if it’s uncluttered by expectations or by the experiences of others who have been through the training.

For that reason we don't provide a schedule or detailed descriptions of our processes on this website. However, if you click the link at the bottom of the page, you’ll find detailed responses to some of the accusations made about MKP and our training. And if you have further questions about the training, men in our centers will answer them directly.

We believe an element of surprise will challenge you to draw on abilities you may have forgotten you had and make it a little more difficult to use your ‘old standby’ ways of handling things. Would you really want to know the end of a suspense thriller before seeing the movie, or read the last chapter of a mystery novel before the rest of the story?

So the simple question is, are you willing to trust yourself, and another man, enough to take a risk? We live in a cynical era, an era of advertising and false promises. We hope that this won’t get in the way of you taking a chance to experience an incredibly powerful event. We hope that you will trust that our intention is to help you become more the man you want to be, free to live your life to the fullest.

Before men come to the NWTA what they really want to know is:

  1. Will I be safe?
  2. Will I be respected?
  3. Can I opt out?


Ultimately every man is responsible for his own safety on the training, and there is an element of risk involved. Without risk there is no challenge; without challenge, there is no growth. That said, your safety is a primary priority for the staff and leaders, and every NWTA includes a safety team, including men certified in CPR, whose focus is the physical and emotional safety of all men present. We have developed specific safety protocols for use in emergencies.


Every NWTA participant is afforded a deep level of respect by the staff, though this may show up in the form of tough love at times. During our processes we will sometimes give you instructions about what to do, but we will never tell you what to think or feel.


All our processes are optional. Near the beginning of the training a staff man will say aloud “You may pass and not participate.” This is a reminder that we are each responsible for our own well-being. If you choose not to take part in a process, we will encourage you to observe in order to stay connected with what’s going on.

Do you really want to know?

Ultimately, your experience is your own, and we encourage you to ask for what you want. We invite you to step into the mystery and experience this life-changing adventure moment by moment. However, if you want more details, click here.

Then, if you still have concerns, please call or email a man in the local center near you directly, who will answer your questions candidly. Contact information can be found on the Community Page.

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