Specific Answers - the "No Bull Shit" FAQ

Is there nudity on the New Warrior Training Adventure?

Yes. There are brief, strictly non-sexual and intentional periods of nudity at the NWTA.  All nudity is treated with dignity and respect.  A man may choose to not participate in these processes or to remain partially or fully clothed.

WHY do we have nudity at our training?
Because men deserve to live without shame about the male body.
Shame is one of the primary emotional states that locks many men into a perpetual cycle of self-hatred and self-destructive behavior. This behavior has wide reaching damaging effects on those around him. It harms his ability to create healthy relationships and nurture healthy families. The epidemic of violence against women, the prevalence of physical violence driven by insecurity and competition, child-abuse, and sexual aggression can be largely tied to men’s shame about, fear of, and disconnection from – their own bodies.

We men now live in a culture saturated with images of ‘perfect’ male and female figures on the one hand, and ridicule, disgust and isolation of ‘ugly’ figures on the other. Young men must come to realize that most are not likely to be nude models, pro athletes or movie stars, older men must at some point confront the slow decay of their bodies as they age. This is healthy and realistic. We are fully conscious of our use of nudity and stand by it. 

All of our processes are NON-SEXUAL. All sexual contact is strictly prohibited at the NWTA.

CLICK HERE if you are interested in learning about how the New Warrior Training deals with nudity and male sexuality.

Will you ask me to give up my cell phone?

YES. We will also ask you to surrender reading material, computers, iPods and everything else that could take your attention off the tasks at hand.  We ask that you prepare yourself to be out of contact with the world for 48 hours. If you have a medical condition that requires monitoring, we will make sure your needs are met. We will provide an emergency number that you can leave for your family or friends.

If you are suspicious, that’s fine. That may be part of what you need to look at on the training. We are not going to hurt you, or lock you up, or keep you against your will, or hold you for ransom. This is the 21st century. We are modern men and we are not naïve, stupid, or unaware of the society we live in. We are asking you to take a radical step.  If you cannot be without your phone for 48 hours, knowing that we will take care of ANY emergency that occurs with speed and efficiency, knowing that you can leave a designated emergency number with your family in case anything happens at home, maybe you’re not ready to participate.

Now, if you still have questions or concerns, please call or email a man in the local center near you directly, who will answer your questions candidly. Contact information can be found on the Community Page.

To read a response to the Houston Press Article from our Executive Director, click here

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