What is a Gateway?

What is a Gateway New Warrior Training Adventure?

A Gateway New Warrior Training uses the same globally respected protocols as a regular New Warrior Training Adventure. It is specially geared to meet the needs and life circumstances of a particular demographic. The training staff will be comprised of men who identify as members of the demographic, or who have special skills to meet the needs of the men participating.

Gateway New Warrior Training Adventures:

Deaf / Hard of Hearing: Gateway with ASL interpreters and a protocol adapted for men who are Deaf or H/H.

GBTQ Gateway:

New Warrior Training Adventure for Gay / Bi / Trans / Questioning men. Staff is 90% or more GBTQ. certain aspects of the training are modified to speak clearly and directly to the experience of GBTQ men in our culture. Participation is not restricted. Any man may sign up for the GBTQ Gateway. Dedicated scholarship fund available. (http://mankindpride.mkpusa.org)

Raw Training:

Gateway New Warrior Training Adventure held at a wilderness site. RAW NWTA weekends are held one or two times per year. Right now they are offered in the Intermountain Area of the USA. Training locations are minimalist camps: currently in Southern Idaho and Wyoming. Tent accommodations only, limited amenities. Much of the process work on this weekend takes place in a sheltered outdoor location.

Urban Gateway:

Gateway New Warrior Training Adventure held in an Urban Center rather than at a camp location. Staff will have a diverse blend of backgrounds. Men of color, African American, Latino, Hispanic men encouraged to attend. Dedicated scholarship fund available.

Young Warrior Gateway:

Gateway New Warrior Training Adventure for men aged 18-35 years. Staff on this weekend will be a diverse blend of men aged 18-35, with a few exceptions. Focus brought to personality formation, intergenerational mentoring, goal setting and visioning, and life purpose. Dedicated scholarship fund available. (http://yw.mkp.org)

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