It's important to answer these questions before you register for the ManKind Project's New Warrior Training Adventure.

1. Are you doing this for YOU?
The New Warrior Training Adventure is for men committed to bettering their lives, healing their souls, creating community, and connecting with the world in authentic service. You are the only person who can make this commitment. You may be feeling apprehension or fear. That's great. Something powerful and mysterious awaits you.

2. Are you ready to challenge yourself?
The Hero on a Journey has to face difficult truths about himself. He chooses to act in the face of these challenges rather than shrink back. The New Warrior Training Adventure is a Hero's Journey ... an initiation into the mature masculine. It is an intense and challenging experience. It takes commitment and courage.

3. Are you committed to your personal growth for the long term?
This training lasts 48 hours, and offers you some incredible opportunities for life-changing shifts. Integrating this transformative event will take time and courage. Your growth and evolution as a man is a life-long practice. The ManKind Project hopes you will commit to your evolution.

New Warrior Training Adventure Logistics:

  • New Warrior Training Adventures begin on Friday between 5 and 5:30pm and end on Sunday between 3 and 4pm.
  • All meals, materials, and accomodations are included in the cost of the training.
  • After Registering, you will be contacted by a man in the training locale you have selected to continue the application process.

If you are ready to register ... find the best Date, Location, or Gateway type in the list below, then Click to Register.

What is a Gateway New Warrior Training Adventure?

Upcoming Trainings Location Start Datesort icon End Date
Los Angeles November 2018 (GBTQ Gateway) Map 11/16/18 11/18/18 Click to Register
Philadelphia September 2018 (GBTQ Gateway) Map 09/28/18 09/30/18 Click to Register
Metro NY Tri State April 2018 (GBTQ Gateway) Map 04/20/18 04/22/18 Click to Register

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